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Detachable Small Animal Handles Printer Friendly Version
Simple detachable handles on top of an animal harness that fully supports and distributes the proper weight ratio so that a small animal could easily be transfered to one place or another. From a car to the ground or house, to a cage, to the vets office, on or off your lap, etc. This could come with or without various outfits or sweaters for cold weather, or the harness the clothing and the handles could all be mixed and matched for the appropriate usage or climate. This beats getting stitches for bites or scratches by trying to transport them by hand or the old towel method, and is much more convenient and comforting to the animal since it would be more humane. After all, today's pets are more like family members than creatures and we are becoming more versatile in the types of animals we are keeping in our homes which might be hard to handle by hand. The handles could be one or more handles depending on the size of the animal or its weight.
Reward: A suitable amount of these since I have four cats and one dog! 

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Scratching Post Wall Paper Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever bought the tallest scratching post and the cat still is too tall or wants to climb it? I have. If we make a backing material and cover that with the right materials (just like the real thing) then they would all go for the wall and not the other walls, the chairs, the beds etc. (You see where I am going? They destroy everything). We could make this a staple on wall paper so that we could replace it yearly or every so often or find an easy way to change it - although I have had my scratching post for three years and they still use that, but it is worn out so the chairs, beds, couches etc, get the brunt force. If they had an entire wall to scratch they should prefer that; don't ya think!
Reward: A suiteable wall! Ha! 

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Remote Controlled Mouse Printer Friendly Version
If I were a pet toy inventor, I would definitely invent a remote controlled mouse for cats. I would also include with it a spray that had the "essence of a mouse," so the cat would be utterly convinced that it was chasing a "real" mouse. Since I also love dogs, they would need to have something cool to chase too. It could be a remote controlled cat, but I like cats and wouldn't want to encourage dogs to be chasing cats (especially not my cat). I'm almost thinking that a remote controlled rabbit would be lots of fun, but some people have pet rabbits too, so I'm going to have to stick with a remote controlled ball with extra thick plastic.
Reward: "For what's it worth" :) I'm sure my pet cat would appreciate one. 

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