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Daily activity tracker Printer Friendly Version
I would like to be able to look at a days computer activity by date on my Mac and also be able to use it as a search.
ie the interface might be a calender. When I click a date several panes would display... e-mails sent and received; Events as listed in iCal; contacts added/changed; files and folders created/deleted, downloaded or altered; FTP activity; web pages visited: Skype calls/chats, made/received; Software used etc.

Example scenario. Search for "John Doe"... I get a list of all the e-mails, calls, chats etc related to John Doe by date. I could then click any of those dates and see everything I had done that day on my Mac.
I think this would be a great piece of software for productivity
Reward: A free copy of the application for Mac. 

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Green Gym Equipment Printer Friendly Version
ON New Year's Eve I saw a program that took energy from stationary bikes and used it to power the ball drop in Times Square. What is someone used that same concept to power a gym? This could be used on treadmills, spin cycles, stationary bikes, row machines, and eliptical machines. It would be nice to have the device built into the equipment but people will not be willing to purchase new equipment up front, so it would need to be some type of enhancement that could be added to an existing machine until they could afford new equipment. The floors on most gyms are rubber if they needed to be grounded to something. I am not a product designer so couldn't suggest what it should look like or where to be placed on the equipment, but thought it would be wonderful for gyms to be able to create their own power or depending on were they are located, power for other area's. Gyms are located everywhere, in workplaces, free-standing buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, and regular/strip malls. How great would that be to save money and be green.
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Copy Shop Projectors Printer Friendly Version
I thought it would be cool idea if Kinkos or other copy places would have a projector pointed at a white table so that when you are about to print something they could show you how it is going to show up. You could have the paper sizes all marked up on the table (letter, legal, A4) so that you could choose the right size.
You'd have to calibrate it so that the projector would show the page at the right scale depending on the distance you put the projector. You could even hold out the paper under the projector to get a really good idea of how it's going to print out and I think you would get a much better clue as to this than seeing it on a screen.
Reward: so, what do you think, good idea? eh eh 

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