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Laurie O'Tool
Adopt a Single Parent Printer Friendly Version
Churches are at a loss of how to help the continuing growing numbers of single parents which are increasing on a daily basis. In order to assist single parents, there needs to be education. A seminar could be conducted which would introduce the concept and explain the many needs a single parent encounters. My idea is to have a men's group and women's or youth groups of every participating church "adopt" single parents for one month. The men's group could provide house repair, car repair, and lawn care. The women's group could provide babysitting, meals, budget counseling, groceries, taxi service to job interviews and doctor's appointments. The groups would pool their money together to assist a financial need. The churches would do an asssessment of the volunteers to see where he or she is most useful according to their skills and talents. There would be a coordinator to schedule the volunteers as the needs arise. It would be good if a large number of churches participated at the same time during the month because the needs are so great. If this concept was enacted, welfare and food stamps would be a memory.
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Efficient wind turbines in cities Printer Friendly Version
Create a huge cone shaped Helium balloon with a big funnel like opening in the center. Now place a wind turbine in its center to generate electricity, tie this structure to ground and release it up at a very high altitude to get high-speed winds. Ropes should be tied in such a way that the concave side of the balloon faces the direction of coming wind.
The Concave shape will trap more wind and will result in greater efficiency of turbine. At high altitude there is more wind (look at kites). No need of high (expensive) towers and can be easily placed in cities.
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Nicholas Humphries
SolarTech Printer Friendly Version
The SolarTech is a solar satellite aimed at the sun 24/7 much like a tv or radio satellite. It works by sending radio signals to a receiver. It picks up the signal and makes the (car, house, computer, ANYTHING WITH THE RECIEVER WORK). And could take over gas, electric, nuclear, batteries, etc. And nobody would ever need those things again
Reward: STOP pollution, no need for gas, electric, nuclear, or any other power. 

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