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Sheila Joyce Maurer
Real Action Real Movement Video Game Printer Friendly Version
A video game like playstation 2 only you would have wrist bands, ancle bands and a waist band that responds to the video game. I think, with technology the way it is so advanced today, you could probably make the bands like a remote control with an invisible laser that is directed toward the TV or the game box. So, instead of being a couch potatoe you are actually getting exercise. If the game requires you to run, you would actually have to jog in place to get it to run or walk.You could make a padded foot runner for those with sensitive feet. If the game requires you to punch, hit, or kick, you would have to get physical and do those moves to make the game work. I know my kids, whom are hyper, love this idea and so do their friends. Our kids are just sitting around not burning any energy, this makes for fat, out of shape adults in the future. I also like playing video games, but often don't play them because of the time consumption and not getting enough exercise.
Reward: If you do use this idea, I would like a free product for my home. If you like this idea, I have other ones too. Feel free to contact me mailto:sheila_j@sbcglobal.net Thanks for your time. 

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Child Drowning Necklace Alarm Printer Friendly Version
A necklace that needs to be out of water periodically or it sets off an alarm that is installed by the pool. Now that would save some lives. Something colorful that the kids would wear.
You could calibrate it by having the child staying under water as long as they can, then setting that as a maximum time before alarm goes off. Thanks. Please, somebody get rich with this idea for the sake of the kids.
Reward: hearing that the government has made these mandatory for children in pools because they save lives. 

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The Carnado Printer Friendly Version
How many times do you spill in the car each week? If you're like most people, they spill several times each week, and if you have kids then several times each day! The carnado is a vac installed in the console, or in your trunk (depending on the type of car) that you can use to clean a spill on the spot! This vac would have a retractable hose, and an easy to empty plastic container which holds the trash. If you're like me and have a bust schedule it's hard to find time to go to the car wash and clean out the car. With the carnado you don't have to wait for the pop to seek into the carpet... you can clean it up right after the spill! This feature could come standard in vehicles making cleaning much more convenient and practical.
Reward: Free Audi TT with the new carnado vac. 

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