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New Automotive Reflector Printer Friendly Version
The invention is composed of two parts:
1. The first part is a modulated retro-reflector structure where current or charge is used to modulate say, a MEMS retro-reflector structure. These devices are known in the literature having being proposed solely for optical communications where they need to operate at very high frequencies. See, for example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modulating_retro-reflector
2. The second part is a device that drives the modulating feature of the modulating retro-reflector. Typically this will be a MEMS structure that requires current or power modulated by a semiconductor device built into the structure or in a separate board. The power source can be either:
a. a low power long-life battery and a photodiode that is used to detect (1) nightime/dark conditions and (2) incoming incident light, such that the modulating feature is only used when necessary to conserve power, or,
b. more advantageously a built in photovoltaic solar cell that uses some of the incident light to drive the MEMS switching structure to enable modulation. This device can also include a rechargeable battery to store power during daylight periods.
This invention is made by a number of means:
1. The Modulating MEMS structure is made in a typical MEMS fab
2. The control electronics are made in various semico fabs and them fabricated into printed circuit boards - as per typical electronic devices
3. The whole lighting device is then packaged in a plastic housing, typically in Chine where this is done manually
The invention is used very simply where it replaces current static light reflectors.

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Pedal for Electronics Printer Friendly Version
There are some electronic devices which I operate entirely with my feet. My PC for example stands on the ground, and I simply don't want to bend down every morning to turn it on. The same is true for the volume control of the subwoofer standing behind it.
Electronics companies obviously believe that people only touch their delicate products with their fingers. Well guys, that's just not true! So how about equipping certain devices (PC, stereo, etc.) with a pedal or at least some sort of toe-friendly button?

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TRADE Translation Device Printer Friendly Version
Often in our lives we have noticed that communication is very important to human life, but it is a problem between people who speak different languages. This invention, if developed, will create a solution to that problem. Now we present you with a solution. TRADE – Translator device.
We want to describe the parts that are in this invention:
1) Processor: The processor is very complex. It has many functions. First, it translates what you are saying to the person who is talking to you; second it grabs the information that the receptor grabs and translates back to you. There is a small speaker on the processor, but it is loud enough for the person to hear it. It also has a cell phone plug, where you plug the cell phone and it works just like you are talking in person. There are several chips that come with the processor, one for each language; you just have to attach the chip to the processor when you will speak. It also comes with a small briefcase where you would be able to keep all the parts together.
2) Multi-shaped Receptor: The function of the receptor would be to grab whatever the person (who is talking to you) is saying and automatically transfer to the processor. The processor would translate the information to your language and you would hear what the person is saying right away. When you order the receptor you can choose the most convenient shape for you. These are some examples of receptor:
3) Wireless Earpiece: The earpiece would be used for you to hear the translation of what the person is saying.
The major thing about TRADE is that it can be used by anyone from all over the world. You don't have to be a special agent or someone from U.N., you can only be yourself just trying to know the world better!
After we have thought of this invention, we had chosen an appropriate reward. It is a sample of the invention.
Reward: a sample 

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