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Adult Social Networking Printer Friendly Version
This would be a social networking site targeted at adults and professionals, generally people from ages 25 and up. It would have all of the features of Facebook such as a network system, groups, events, photos, etc., but people would also put their jobs, professional skills, or even a resume if they were looking for a job. Companies could pay to do power searches for people, but for people to join would be completely free.
This website would be a mix of LinkedIn and Facebook. It's like LinkedIn in that people can find jobs and make connections. It's unlike LinkedIn, and like facebook in that it would be completely free and you can search for anyone, but you can only see very little information until you friend them - but you can friend people. LinkedIn only allows you to friend people in your networks unless you pay. And again it's like LinkedIn and unlike facebook in that it's targeted at professionals and not students, and there would be no News Feed (it records everything everyone does and shows everyone else).
I see a future where every single professional has his or her network of contacts online, business and personal, and can find people and communicate extremely efficiently and easily. If you meet someone in line somewhere, or on an elevator, or at a convention, all you need is their name and you could find them on this site. You would be connected to your co-workers or your independent contractors, or even your employees through this site. People would find it strange if you weren't on there. But the thing that would have to make this work is it's target of professionals and adults, and probably a little Web 2.0 hype mixed in.
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Virtual Online Bar Printer Friendly Version
My idea consists of a website that is like a bar. You go to the website, enter, and whamm, you see several tables, where a group of people are chatting, you also see that one girl over at another table waiting for the perfect guy to come and sit down with her. You can request songs on the jukebox, you can play pool with people or other games, maybe a card game in the back.
But the point is, you can virtually set the mood in front of several people and you can also choose what conversation you want to jump into. Maybe this idea could be a simple idea for budweiser website, or maybe bigger, like my space. Or, maybe it could be setup on my space somehow and everyone could go there!

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Automatic debit software Printer Friendly Version
If you pay off your credit card, using automatic debits from your bank account, there is usually a specific day when the balance is paid in full. Instead of that system, this software would pay the balance off in increments during the course of the month so that by the due date, the entire balance has been paid. The advantage would be that the software monitors the current cash exchange rate, so that when you could gain more interest by leaving the money in your bank account, it would pay the credit card balance in smaller increments. When interest is down, it would pay in larger increments. The flucuation of exchange rates could be exploited to your advantage (take that George Soros!), so that you're not losing interest on your money when you don't need to.
Reward: I would like to work as controller of currency for the OCC, so that I could actually enforce the regulation of MBNA and Citibank. 

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