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Liquid Wax Crayon Pens Printer Friendly Version
What would be better than a regular crayon? One that fully saturates the paper in full vibrant colors that fully cover a page and leave no lines behind. Very little effort to use a liquid wax crayon pen that brings out the best colors ever. Just like a pen or ink the pen can come in different sizes and they could glow in the dark or be flourescent colors or any kind of materials added to the wax. This product is related to different paints and white out type products that can be flow controlled. A mixture of powderized wax particles in a drying adhesive type catalyst or delivery system.
You wouldn't need heat to melt the wax since it is infused (in powderized form) into a pen type delivery system. The delivery system is similar to chemically melting the powderized wax like you can take off finger nail polish or paint with a minimum of fumes given off of the chemical. Very easy to melt the wax without endangering anyone with heat to melt the wax. The color would also beat colored pencils in brightness and all other qualities. A better crayon and fun for all!
Reward: Yearly set of these for life! 

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Collar - Cuff Dirt prevention sticker or barrier Printer Friendly Version
Every time I go out in the hot sun in tropical climates, dirt, pollution and sweat gets stuck mostly on the neck collar area. Cuffs too get dirty a lot due on Full Arm shirts.
Dirty collar and cuffs are the the most important inspection points for a garment to get into the washing machine, even though the rest of the garment is still clean.
To avoid this, stick something like a transparent fabric sticker (something like a scotch tape) on the areas like collar and cuffs that will act as a barrier between the skin and the garment. Just remove the barrier sticker and stick a new one. Need to make sure that the Scotch tape does not damage the cloth and does no harm to the skin either.
Other barrier ideas can be thought of as well.
This should save the garment going into the washing machine saving electricity, water, washing powder and also enhances the life of the garment and the original color stays longer.
Reward: First 100 rolls of this Barrier Tape free ! 

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Perfectly Weighted and Balanced Coins Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever noticed that on the two sides of every coin there is a different design? Well, the two designs are there for appearance sake and not for flipping the coin in the air for a game of heads or tails. You can still make a unique face (for heads) and another design on the other side and still be able to balance the weight perfectly for a 100% chance of having a 50/50 chance at heads or tails the same way a throwing knife is balanced.
You would then have a true flip with that being the main problem with fairness, but the other factors are left to chance. You could make them any size with any color or design as long as they are balanced and start a trend of collecting different flipping coins. Maybe even break into the gold, silver or platinum industry and make them collectable for investments as well. You could have them specially made for the designs on either side of your choice. You could add your favorite kid or adult game designs. Anything can be balanced and placed on them.
Reward: A person's face on one side fitting the use for the event of the coin's usage. Or anything imagined! 

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