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Detachable Small Animal Handles Printer Friendly Version
Simple detachable handles on top of an animal harness that fully supports and distributes the proper weight ratio so that a small animal could easily be transfered to one place or another. From a car to the ground or house, to a cage, to the vets office, on or off your lap, etc. This could come with or without various outfits or sweaters for cold weather, or the harness the clothing and the handles could all be mixed and matched for the appropriate usage or climate. This beats getting stitches for bites or scratches by trying to transport them by hand or the old towel method, and is much more convenient and comforting to the animal since it would be more humane. After all, today's pets are more like family members than creatures and we are becoming more versatile in the types of animals we are keeping in our homes which might be hard to handle by hand. The handles could be one or more handles depending on the size of the animal or its weight.
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Tapered Spring Printer Friendly Version
An actual tapered steel spring that is a special tool for connecting one or more things. You simply compress both sides inward, and then insert the two or more ends of whatever objects you are trying to connect. This is more of an engineering idea that can be used in millions of purposes. I can imagine toys with plastic tapered springs, that connect to each other in such a way that it creates a shape that has qualities in mathematical computation, and can shrink to a very small size and gain in great size. It has industrial use, house hold use (such as a towel holder), or any other area or use imaginable. It is a spring that is small at the two or more ends and larger in the center making two or more things. It reminds me of the Chinesse Yo-Yo or, the finger cuffs. You would have to compress the spring together to get any thing apart, since a tapered spring can hold so tight that you couldn't pull it apart by your own strength. The strongest, most useful, spring ever made.
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Taco In a Bag - TIB Printer Friendly Version
Basically everyone knows what taco in a bag is and if you don't it's is just all your basic taco ingredients thrown into a doritos bag. Well I am just a senior at my local high school but have came up this idea and just want to see what people think. I think it would be a good idea to take taco in a bag to the next step by making it an official fast food business. It would be much like subway where you would pick out the size of your doritos bag, which flavor of chips and then go through the line picking out all of the ingredients you would like in the bag. Very simply but I think it's a good idea and everyone at my school thinks the same. I would just like some input on what you think.
Thanks, Dillon
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