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Children's book with toy figures Printer Friendly Version
I have a 17th month old that absolutely loves to read books. His favorite books are those with the pop up pictures as well as books with magnet puzzles pieces. The only issue with the pop ups is that he absolutely destroys all of them by pulling the pop up characters out rendering the book useless.
Well I think I have an idea. This book would combine both a pop up aspect with a puzzel piece.
When I was younger there us to be these small capsules that once placed into a glass of water the capsule would grow into some kind of animal, character, etc. they were sponges. With that in mind the book would have puzzle pieces for the characters and the book would come with a small eye dropper and all you would do would be to add water to the pieces and they would grow. This character that grew out from the book would also be a puzzle piece that could be pulled from the book to be played with on the fridge, the tub, and also be placed back in the book.
Now obviously the book would no longer close but the book could come with a tiny netted bag to keep all your characters in.
The book would have to be water proof but that seems pretty easy in that the books that my son has that have the magnets are a tad thicker with a water proof coating for durability.
This could be applied to all types of books, characters, etc.
Reward: Would love to help create if possible 

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Earphones with subwoofers Printer Friendly Version
Earphones can can be very effective if they have a built in small subwoofer with a mini wood box.
Reward: one earphone please with a visit to ears doctor . 

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Silent pressure coocker Printer Friendly Version
It's really noisy when the pressure from a pressure cooker is released from the whistle at the top of the lid.
So if we use such a mechanism which lets the steam being released directly into top air thus reducing any kind of collision of steam with metal causing less noise. No worries about burning your face from the hot steam, because steam coming out of small hole at large pressure cools instantly as it comes to open space (pressure is negligible in comparison).
I even thought of a design using the simple mechanism of a jotter pen refill tom and the press button on the pen; which on pressing makes the refill rotate as it comes down so that it can be used for writing. So if we use the same sliding mechanism when the pressure from the cooker acts like the pen button that gets pressed and then when the slider goes to the topmost position a few small trough holes provided on the lid as well as slider will coincide and the pressure will be successfully and without much noise. Then the slider comes back to its original position with the help of spring.
No irritation of your ears as food is being cooked in your pressure cooker.
Reward: Just send me one such cooker so that i can sit in peace while my rice is being cooked!!! 

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