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Using multiple cores in PC's Printer Friendly Version
Up till now, the operating systems in PCs use only the first core in the multicore CPUs. If you pull up the resource monitor in windows, you will see that the second core is only engaged when the first core reaches 100% usage. My idea is to have software developed that would tag each process in a program with an assigned core, assign it a range of memory to use and syncronize the output of the steams in the memory controller with clocking flags -- so that for instance voice and video would be produced at the correct time -- The main idea is to distibute the load of the program over ALL of the available cores simultaneously.
Reward: Increased speed and productivity, lower latency, decreased user wait times 

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Oenophile's petit barrique Printer Friendly Version
Instead of selling wine in a bottle or box, some of the producers should consider selling them in small casks (2 - 3 L). The material of the cask must be the same as what the manufacturer would have used to age the wine in their own cellar.
The main idea is to allow buyer the freedom to age the wine at his own home in a cask that is made from the same wood as the one manufacturer would have used. This way someone can buy the wine in this mini cask and age it as long as he or she likes.
This way people would not need to pay a large amount of money for a good quality wine only if they are willing to be patient. Also after the initial investment they will have a high quality wine available to them for any occasion.
Reward: I am not very interested in any monitory awards but if some one does find this idea appealing I would appreciate an acknowledgment at my email address siddhartha.seth@gmail.com 

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Electronics That Would Need No Charge Printer Friendly Version
The key to chargeless electronics is to have super conductors that allow electrons flow freely without collision or inhibition. The current problem is that these super conductors are not congenial to room temperature. If I recall right, the current super conductors can remain super until temperatures of about 168 degrees, while room temperature is about 273 degrees. But the thing is as soon as we can come up with super conducts that work in room temperature, there will be no need to charge up batteries since electrons will not collide, and charge won't be lost through heat.
Researchers are still working on this but I am now going to study physics with this being one of my main projects and objectives. It will revolutionize the world and end our energy dependence. Let me know your thoughts pls.
Reward: partaking in any projects relating to this. 

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