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Tax Breaks for Trees Printer Friendly Version
As trees are one of the most efficient "carbon-storers", lowering the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and thereby helping to prevent a global climate catastrophe, federal, state and local governments should give tax breaks to those who either plant and/or conserve trees on their properties.
This could come in the form of reduced taxes; perhaps a reduced property tax for homeowners whose property has a certain minimum density of trees per 1/4 acre, and reduced taxes (or even subsidies) to businesses or organizations which own and conserve forested land or grow trees which produce food (fruit, nuts, maple syrup, etc.).
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Reforming Congress Printer Friendly Version
I propose eliminating the U.S. House of Representatives, and replacing it with an online "Concordance of Delegates", as a means of minimizing corruption and making our legislature more representative.
The following would apply to the "COD":
1) The delegates would communicate with one another and vote online from their homes, rather than meeting in a single location.
2) One delegate would be elected for every 5,000 voters. The current congressional districts would be subdivided into delegate sub-districts. Assuming 150 million registered voters, there would be 30,000 delegates.
3) Each delegate would receive compensation of $40,000 per year (in 2006 dollars, with cost-of-living adjustments) and would serve for a 3 year term. Paying the delegates would thus cost $1.5 Billion per year.
4) Committees would be comprised of 1,000 delegates. A delegate could serve on a maximum of 5 committees and would receive additional $2,000 per year for each committee on which he or she serves.
5) The COD would be empowered to override the Senate with 75% vote, and the President with a 2/3 vote.
6) Each delegate would be required to vote on at least 60% of all votes put before the "COD" per year, or else he forfeits his salary for the year in which he failed to do so.
By replacing the House with this concordance of 30,000 delegates, corruption via campaign contributions and bribes of various types would be minimized, because of the difficulty involved in corrupting such a vast number of people.
Reward: I wouldn't mind a small monument. 

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krishan arora
Heat transfer from vehicle engines Printer Friendly Version
Harnessing the Waste Heat Energy of the Vehicle Engines
A very large part of the fuel energy that is consumed by the vehicle engines (and other combustion engines) is wasted in the form of heat which has to be removed perforce by forced cooling.
It should be possible to use this heat energy, instead of wasting it, in several innovative ways to add value to the vehicle and increase the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicles by taking over some of the functions which presently need to draw additional power from the engines.
A few examples are:
-A heat transfer liquid filled coil could draw away the waste heat from the engine and transfer it for warming up the interiors, and the wind/rear screens of the vehicles in winters/cold weather.
-The heat transfer system could be used to warm up snacks/food being carried for the journey.
-The heat transfer system could also be used to boil water, with probably some incremental heating, either for sterilizing the drinking water or for providing a hot cup of tea or coffee during the journey.
-The heat transfer system could be used to vaporize a low boiling point liquid and run a gas turbine, akin to the systems being used in the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion method of energy generation. The power so produced could be used to run electric motors to drive the vehicles, thereby saving on fuel consumption. This of course would be possible only in fuel/electric hybrid vehicles. In other vehicles this power could be used for battery charging, heating/cooling of the vehicles, or for any other applications needing electric power.
-The waste heat energy from the engines could also be used as the main heat source for a mini Vapor Evaporative Cooling System to provide for air conditioning the vehicles. This may need a small supplemental heating up of the working fluid to achieve the minimum working temperature but the system would subsequently provide a much larger fuel savings by allowing for smaller engines to be used in the vehicles.
Reward: No reward wanted. In fact I may be able to offer several other ideas for those wanting to make use of the above ideas. 

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