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Receipt Card Printer Friendly Version
A card which enables you to forget the calssic paper receipt but a card that can have your purchase information inserted onto it by being scanned.. the information can be accessed via your account with your password and username which can allow you to send a receipt to someone for instance if you give someone a gift and need to return it email them the receipt and print it off. This will help with the problem with losing receipts.
Reward: Saves paper, saves space easy to access all purchase information in one place, stops people stealing receipts! 

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McRestroom Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever needed the restroom so badly? You run from store to store and they all tell you that it's out of order? Well I've been thinking that they should open a chain of restrooms similar to McDonalds where you can buy a yearly membership card and have access to hundreds of these rest areas spread out throughout the country. You would have access to showers, toilets, baby changing area, nursing area, vending machines that sell toiletries etc. It's about time something is done to accomodate these conveniences which happen to apply to every human being - what do you think?
Reward: Just call this chain McRestroom! 

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The Danger Card Printer Friendly Version
Create a business which, for a small fee, will file a legally binding statement in which you waive your right to sue anybody for anything. You'll get a card saying something like: "I am my own person. I am responsible for my own actions. I will never blame another for my mistakes or for my misfortunes. I will not expect others to protect me from harm or from any kind of loss. I am my own person. I am <first name> "Danger" <last name>." The idea is that businesses could save themselves a great deal of worrying about stupid lawsuits, lawsuit insurance. A Danger person might be allowed to go to places where most regular shmucks are forbidden. Want to buy yourself some antibiotics, or some experimental drug that is not FDA approved? Go ahead. Want to swim in shark-infested waters? Ok. Want to jump off the Golden Gate bridge? No problem. Want to help your mechanic fix your car? Sure. Just show your card. And how about giving discounts to Danger people? Or "Danger-card-only" establishments? Businesses will save money by not having to pay outrageous sums in lawsuits to stupid people who think others own them something, so why not pass the savings on? Put some Danger in your life and some Danger in your middle name! Go get your "Danger" card today!

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