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Smart Water Fountain Printer Friendly Version
I'm thinking of creating a water fountain for a school or a company that when you walk up to it, it can automatically start dispensing about 250ml of water to the employee or student. This would be possible by rfid scanner built into the water fountain which collaborates with the employee's id or student id. If the user would require more water, then they would pass their id over the sensor. I also want to add the feature of a database which records the amount of water a user would drink, and email or sms them via bluetooth encouraging them to drink more water based on how much they would drink. Added to this is a component which checks the amount of water that would be dispensed so that a message can be sent to the maintenance department informing them that the filter needs changing. It therefore means that only students or employees would have access to the water fountain. If a visitor is in the building or school I'm saying they should have a visitor pass which would have the technology built into that card which would give them access to the water fountain.
What do you think?
Reward: Ease of use, and recording keeping of the amount of water used. On time changing of the filter. 

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Temperature sensor for cans and bottles Printer Friendly Version
This one is a typical party problem: the fridge is full of drinks, and on the outside they are all cold. But in reality, some have only been placed in the fridge 20 minutes ago, and you don't really want to pick one of those where the drink inside is still fairly warm.
The solution: put a temperature sensor on the can/bottle with a thin wire towards the middle of the beverage. It would work like the modern batteries which have a power sensor built in. Of course the material used for this one would need to be REALLY cheap, so not sure if it's feasible.
Reward: Free beer. 

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in a Cup Printer Friendly Version
This is important if you don't have the time to cook and fix yourself up a meal, you can just get a Meal In a Cup and microwave it for 30 seconds. This is also if you still want a balanced meal in the morning. Ideas for starter meals are Spam, bacon and Chinese noodles for dinner and for lunch a lettce, tomato and ranch, French or Italian dressing. For breakfast - waffles and bananas.
Reward: Getting the 6 pack of Dinner in a Cup for free and another 6 pack and even a 12 pack of Breakfast in a Cup 

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