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Tailgating oasis Printer Friendly Version
Here in the US before football (not soccer) games, people "tailgate". It's basically barbecuing and drinking in the parking lot of the stadium. People generally bring all of their gear with them. My idea would be to design tailgating oases, where this activity would be encouraged. I imagine an area approximately 30 feet by 40 feet with a couple of trees/landscaping a barbecue grill, tap water, a picnic bench, a coin operated electrical outlet (for music) for each tailgating oasis. These would be located in a pattern to break up the parking lot so that it would be more human-scaled and attractive.
Reward: I'd like a stadium with the tailgating oases to be renamed Bluecube Stadium. 

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Mini Stationary Bike / Stepper Printer Friendly Version
A miniature stationary bike or stepper designed to fit under ones desk. Geared for easy pedaling to simply provide means to burning some calories while being productive at work or in the home office.
Can have either a cheap model that is a bit loud and more unstable or a more expensive model made to run very quietly and have multiple mounting options for optimal stability.

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Retractable Face Shield for Bike Helmets Printer Friendly Version
Detachable, retractable (it goes up to the top of the regular bike helmet or down in front of your face) face shield much like the face shields worn by police officers wearing riot gear masks but, with much lighter weight (thin but, strong clear plastic). Not for impact protection but, has many other protective features such as pebbles, bugs, wind burn, dirt, dust, or other flying debrise protecting all parts of your face especially your eyes from abrasion from objects in the air (dust can scratch your eyes and mess with your breathing). It would sit on top of your head and helmet, when not in use, completely out of the way and would not alter the existing design of bike helmets of today. You could even un-snap it and take it off completely returning your helmet back to original design. What we are trying to avoid with this design is adding weight or obscuring vision and by making the mask limited in size and only in front of the face we solve both these problems especially since plastic can be strong, durable, replaceable, and light in weight. Cheap to make and cheap to buy and a very easy thing to add to existing helmet designs.
Reward: Credit 

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