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Food-holding Bib Printer Friendly Version
This is simply a bib that includes a space to hold some food. You could also add a cup holder for it to hold beverages. Care would need to be taken to avoid spills, especially when a person bends down (the bib should swing from the neck). Also consider how it would fit on ladies. Even small breasts could interfere with the fit.
I think this could be made at home with a food grade plastic container if it is large enough and has one side that is flat and reasonably wide. You would just cut it up leaving the wide flat side and two or three inches of the bottom intact (side cuts should be a 45 degree angle down and away from the bib to prevent bending between it and the bowl). Then make holes for a rope at the top and thread it through and knot it at the ends to make the part that would hang over your head (make sure it's big enough to fit). You could bolt together the sides of several containers for a wider bib with more than one compartment.
This would be great to hand out to guests at parties. You could have people wear different dips and approach each other to try some. It could really cut down on the need for space on a buffet table too.
Reward: Post an instructable explaining how to make on one and where to find the containers 

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zyx Rationalist
Travel Long Distances with Electric Vehicle Printer Friendly Version
In my home, we use cooking gas cylinder. If we create big cylinder electric batteries for cars and always carry two of them, then as soon as ones charge gets low, the other charged battery should take over and we have to just replace former with a charged one. Which means we should have at least three, i.e. one will be always charging at our home.
Or all these batteries could belong to a big power company and all gas stations could become battery chargers. I mean when we are on a long distance travel and one of the batteries gets low, all we have to do is go to the nearest gas station and exchange our battery with a charged one. Thus we will pay only for the charge and not wait for charging our batteries.
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The Only Book You'll Ever Need! Printer Friendly Version
A pocket sized book, resembling a novel - with some important advantages... Instead of paper pages, the pages would be made of a thin, flexible, transparent plastic. There would be approx. 300 pages - small enough to carry around in any situation. This book would be digital. Tiny disks or microchips would be downloaded into a slot on the inner back cover, and the pages would magically turn into the pages of whatever book you downloaded - a Biology textbook, or War and Peace - any book in the world. If the 300 pages are not enough, there would be a "Continue" button the very last page, and when pushed, the remainder of the book would be continued from the first page...and so on, until the end of the book. For students, instead of carrying around heavy texts back and forth from school, they would carry this special book, and a small container of microchips or small disks containing their "books".
Reward: Save the environment - no trees need to be cut for these books! Less back strain from carrying around heavy text. Less waisted space in libraries and home bookshelves - more space for other uses. Very convenient, and practical! 

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