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In-Focus Laptop Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to create laptops with an In-Focus projector built on the back side of the screen (the cover), so that when people go to board rooms or perhaps in a classroom, they just have to carry one piece of equipment. The laptop will have the presentation software and the presentation ready to go and all they have to do is switch views so it is projected on the wall as well. Maybe Dell or Compaq already has this in the works, but if they don't they should jump all over it. Maybe this would be a great addition to the Tablet PC.
Reward: Getting the product for free would be nice and maybe use my picture for the default background on the desktop. 

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Digital Photo Viewer Printer Friendly Version
Now that Digital Photography is so popular, how about a hand-held device for viewing your digital photos with a decent sized screen.
Yes there are some devices that do that (like the Sony Clie), but they do not have very large screens and also have lots of other functions (unrelated to photography) that make the cost of the device rather high.
How about a dedicated photo viewer (without all those other costly functions) with a 6" x 4" flat screen, with lots of memory space for the picture files, software that allows single picture viewing and a slide show, a picture index for picture selection, maybe zooming of pictures. Files downloadable via USB cable from your PC (plus maybe from your digital camera?). Slim built with hood for viewing in daylight conditions and rechargable batteries.
Reward: One of the final products for free. 

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Mini Printer Printer Friendly Version
When one wants just one label or neat printing on a small piece of card or paper currently one has to print on a large sheet and then cut-away the unwanted paper. Have you ever tried to print on a post-it sheet, impossible.
So how about a small computer printer designed to allow one-off prints of small labels, cards etc., of a maximum size of say a post-it sheet. Not a feed-through type printer, but designed maybe so that you could place the card or slip of paper on the base of the printer and then the hinged printing mechanism is brought into contact with the card/paper. This would avoid the problem larger printers have with small pieces of paper/card being too small in size or too thick for the feed rollers. The printer need only be capable of black printing.
Reward: One of the final working products for free. 

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