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Detective/Police case pool Printer Friendly Version
The creation of a large site containing past cases and official log in for police detectives who want to solve crimes.
International setup:
A library of information regarding deductive and inductive methods for solving crimes and an experts forum and email system that helps detectives find the right answers from more educated and/or more experienced and/or prooven record (famous - well known - respected) detectives.
(Maybe: A cross sectional reference system that matches modus apperendi, similarities in crimes and can track license plates or pass ports or border crossings and new immigrants.)
Special membership: firewall and security: for detectives and experts.
AND a public query line for amateurs and for those curious people who need a mystery solved.
Reward: free web site where I might try out HTML and storage for links, words and pics. 

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Stand Alone Non-DOS Based Platforms Printer Friendly Version
No more APPLE or PC Monopolies on platforms applied to all computers. We should be able to download free Multi-Platforms that are not based on substructures of the computer itself. We could run which ever platform fits your daily configurations of your choice. Increased speed, no other components chosen in current Platforms to impede your mode of computing. Basically like having Multi-Computers in one. Gaming, Desk Top Publishing, Web Surfing, Etc. All Applications having their own platform to run at optimal performance.
Reward: A Platform Named after ME not "Windows"!!!
Or just a nice name! lol! 

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SEA Randomizer Printer Friendly Version
If you get lots of business mail, you will notice that people make up all kinds of 3 letter abbreviations ("describing" their position) just to impress you. Long forgotten are the times when you just got mail from BMW's CEO or directly from the FBI. Today's decision makers are CPCs, DEOs, SPMs, or better! (Wow...)
So I would love to have a SEA (Stupid Email Abbreviations) Randomizer. If you think about it, with three letters at your disposal, there are up to 26^3 leading positions in every company, and I hate to see so many of them go wasted. Ever got mail from a QWX, a YKJ or a UUL? Why not, may I ask! Because the SEA Randomizer hasn't been invented yet. High time, isn't it!
Reward: A free copy for me, of course! 

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