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Glow-In-The-Dark and/or Reflective Tattoos Printer Friendly Version
Why not have that extra special tattoo with something of more worth? If you're going to add something permanent to your most sacred possession such as your body then why not make it as special as possible. With just a slight change to the ink involved in tattooing you can add that extra something. By using a radio-isotope or gold, silver, platinum metallic flake or diamond dust your tattoo becomes permanent jewelery. You now have a glow-in-the-dark and/or reflective jewelery tattoo worth hundreds more than just colors. Imagine showing it off! Everywhere you go, clubs, friend's houses, parties, people will want to see your unique tattoo. You will be the most popular person there. So, if you can spend that extra money on your sacrid body, then it would definitely be worth it. Especially if it's going to last a life time!
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a brietzke
Rubber band car Printer Friendly Version
As I am interested in any green energy concepts, I am pleased with current developments in hybrid vehicles. I would like to see the hybrid concept grow to include several different energy sources feeding power to one electric engine. This may sound goofy, but one idea I have is to use giant rubber bands as a sort of mechanical battery that could spin a generator that would feed the electric engine of a car. The bands would run beneath the car in long plastic tubes and could be wound with something like a power drill and a system of gears. Current electric cars are handicapped by the size a chemical battery can grow and still be safe and light. This would allow more potential energy to be safely stored and improve milage. While driving, if the battery power dropped to half or so, the rubber bands would be turned on and begin to restore power. If this sounds loopy, keep in mind that a one person glider was recently made that can fly up to two kilometers using a giant rubber band. The best part is that the extra weight is relatively minimal compared to metal parts.
Reward: A free car would be nice, but just making it would be fine! 

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 United Kingdom
'Crackle' button on mobile phones Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever been talking to somebody on your mobile and wish you could cut them off without making it too obvious? It would be nice if mobile phones had a button that would introduce a realistic random crackle and fade to your end of the link. That way, it would sound just like you were entering a bad reception area and you could cut people off without hurting their feelings.
Reward: None. I just want one on my phone. 

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