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Disappearing Food And Drink Dyes Printer Friendly Version
Just like the old magician's joke of having ink destroy a white shirt to have it later disappear and leave no mark. We could manufacture food and drink dyes that would degrade and disappear after time and/or exposure to air so that our clothing, hands, sofa, carpet (family pet) etc. doesn't ever get stained, which can be very expensive to have removed (except from the family pet) and destroy and leave permanent marks all over the house or car or anywhere actually. With all the color and no chance of stain ever again, we could reduce worry and eat in the living room in front of the TV again. Yeah!
We would know when food goes bad as well by the color!
Reward: To see the day we have green wine... oh yeah... those are wine (coolers)! Ha! My favorite! 

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Online social-workplace networking site Printer Friendly Version
I am thinking of starting an online social networking/workplace where people hire and work with professionals or individual service providers to get work done. Whether you are looking for professional contractors to fix your bathroom or college students to do your house work or that Mexican immigrant to build your drive way.
You could advertise on the site at no charge.
All the site will do is to link these two parties together and they decide where to meet up what rate they will pay also others looking for work can bid on projects advertised, after completion of transaction users can rate each other on the site.
Feedback please. I even a have a name for the site, I will call it www.rentasidekick.com

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Cell phone home phone interface Printer Friendly Version
I would like to see a charging cradle for my cell phone that would interface my cell phone with several cordless phones. I could get rid of my land based phone and still have the conveneince of answering and placing calls from cordless phones placed around my house. Even better would be a charging cradle that would accept more than one cell phone and give a distinctive ring so we would know which calls are on my line and which are on another family member's line.
Reward: Getting this product for free and free cell service for life, of course 

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