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Computerized car stereo Printer Friendly Version
The concept is a computerized car stereo that has internet access. This way you could sit at your home (or work) computer and download songs directly to your car stereo. Also you would be able group songs into 'packets' so you would be able to push one button on the stereo and play one 'packet' similar to the presets for radio stations. For example - packet one is your ten favorite driving songs, packet two is is your wifes favorite ten songs, packet three is your girlfriends favorite ten songs, ect. You could configure these on your computer and send them to your car whether it's parked in your driveway or across the country. Also a feature of the car stereo would be to record a show or group of songs off of the radio to listen to later either in the car or back at the house.
Reward: I want one... or actually two for both of my cars. 

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Handicapped Assist Device Printer Friendly Version
Both my partner and my sister are handicapped and have issues staying upright. When they fall they fall and don't have the muscle power to get themselves back up without a great deal of struggle and/or assistance. I thought it would be a good idea to have a way for someone who falls to power themselves up somehow. I'm not talking about a power winch, I'm thinking of something simple and inexpensive that can be available in each room of a house as an emergency assist device. What I think is that some of the climbing devices used for rock wall climbing or similar items could be useful for someone who is just trying to 1. get to a sitting position, then 2. get to a standing position. I thought about ropes installed in room corners, or something along those lines .. or some sort of double-cane system that can pull a person up without backing down.
Reward: the device 

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Frequency-based search in home Printer Friendly Version
This is yet another search solution for things you may lose within you own four walls - but with a new twist.
Remember those key pendandts that made sound when you whistle? Something like that for finding small objects like phone or remotes. There would be one base unit (appliance). You could change frequency on it (135, 136,137 ...) with simple + - buttons. When click on send it would transmit that frequency in small area. Enough for house or flat.
Each small object would come with receiver set to certain frequency. Remote will respond with some sound when it hears frequency 135. DVD remote to 136. Phone (handset) would respond to 138.
Receivers could be on stickers. You would get package of 10 when you buy base unit. You could glue it to small objects.
Reward: New remote for VHS. 

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