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Decreasing the lines at theme parks Printer Friendly Version
Even though the Express tickets have somewhat decreased the endless waits at the Disney Worlds and alike, I still think it can be done in a better way: When you enter the park, you should be able to proceed to a computer screen, on which you can enter your itinerary for the day. The computer then calculates and reserves the time slots when the specific rides are available. This way you can get the most out of your day. Granted, it does make it seem like work, having to follow a possibly tight schedule but anything beats standing in line for an hour for some silly ride.
Reward: Life time free access? 

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Meals on demand according to your own recipes Printer Friendly Version
What about a business that would cook a meal of your choosing for you to pick up based on a recipe that you sent them earlier in the week, the day before, or that day.
Would have to be a bit cheaper than going to a real restaurant, but should be doable as there would not need to be alot of overhead.
Just a large kitchen with some good cooks.
Again you could pre-order meals in advance for pick-up.
Much healthier than fast food, you could really start using the cook books that you get every year and only cook one this out of it... ever.
Reward: credit of some sort. free franchise. 

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Open Source P2P Adsense Printer Friendly Version
It seems that currently internet advertising is moving into a new phase, called content sensitive advertising. Google is the main contender in this field with its adsense and adwords.
In another unrelated area of the net, Open Source is growing very fast, and in the 3rd corner is Peer 2 Peer software (or shared computing).
What makes adsense work so well is the amount of people that use it, and the google name behind it makes it better.
Think what would happen if a lot of small websites were to offer services like adsense... They would not work. But if they were to join in colaboration, developing open source adsense like software, they could be a step better.
To really compete, the little players need to work together have the advertising network built over p2p so all the players work in colaboration.
The network could be built on trust. So you trust your advertising partners, and they trust theirs etc. etc.
If any one wants to grab this idea and start running, I will gladly be a part of it (not that this is a requirement).
The only reason that I am submitting this idea, is that without the power of open source, little me can not compete with the google giant.
Reward: Money, Glory, Fame, Top geek status 

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